Alternate Bonds:

______ stole a trinket from my hoard.
______ made a pact with me in exchange for lost knowledge.
______ thinks highly of themselves for one so small, I should cut them down to size.

Dragon of any class:

  • Bottomless Stomach – When a move tells you to mark off rations, mark off one more than you usually would.
  • Dragonic Transformation -You may transform between your natural dragon form and a humanoid form at will. As a dragon your teeth, claws, and breath weapon (element of your choice)all deal class damage and you may fly. You have access to all of your moves as a dragon, though some may be harder to perform. A dragon is going to have a hard time playing an instrument or using a shield, for instance, and may not fit into all buildings. You select the general appearance and race of your humanoid form the first time you transform into it during play, but no matter what there will always be at least one thing about it that is imperfect, be it the way you move, having cat-like reptilian eyes, or whatever. Tell the GM what your imperfection is.


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