Kraig Rellik

Demon Hunting Knight & Bearer Of The Cursed Sword


STR: 16 (2)
DEX: 13 (1)
CON: 16 (2)
INT: 9 (0)
WIS: 12 (0)
CHA: 8 (-1)

Alignment: Neutral – Defeat A Worthy Opponent
Race: Human – Once per battle, reroll a single damage roll (mine or someone else’s)

Damage: D10, Armor: 2+1, HP: 25

Starting Moves:

Signature Weapon: The Fang of Night

Type: Sword, Range: Close
Enchantments: Glows In The Presence Of Demons, Huge (Adds Messy & Forceful)

Armored (Ignore Clumsy tag on any armor I wear)

Bend Bars, Lift Gates: Roll STR. On +10, choose three. On 7-9, choose two.
-It doesn’t take very long
-Nothing of value is damaged
-It doesn’t make an inordinate amount of noise
-You can fix the thing again without a lot of effort



HiDayRa is soft, but I will make him hard like me.

Valen believes in peace. I will teach him that he is wrong.

I travel with Shonja the Red as we both seek knowledge about violence.

I do not trust Hungry Spark for he has the look of demons. I will see if he is corrupted in time.

I will teach Naia about demons, for she is not prepared.

I have sworn to protect Artimes.

Malius owes me his life, whether he wants to admit it or not.



Kraig Rellik hails from the ruined city-state of Kandror, located within the Shattered Lands. An ancient spell caused the borders of different realities to rub too closely and Hell spilled forth onto the land. He carries with him an ancient sword, dedicated to the ruin of all demonkin and their allies. Little is known about the man himself, as he speaks few words and gives off an aura of violence. However, he has been known to work with others who stand against the malevolence of demons and other foul things that inhabit this world. His hatred for demons is overflowing but what events caused him to have such an obsessive hatred is unknown.

Physical Description:

Standing at about six feet and two inches, Kraig is not a mountain of a man but he is a solidly built wall of muscle, quickness, and brutality. His head is kept shaved and his body suffers from numerous scarring. His age is in his late twenties though his eyes are hard and cold. His skin is a ruddy tan, and the armor he wears was likely once nice and regal but has been worn down by time and constant combat. His steps are careful and sure and his body seems constantly prepared for any kind of violence.


Rellik is a sullen and angry individual, almost constantly teeming for a fight of some sort and uncouth to match. However, he is loyal and brave when it comes to his comrades and he honors his debts as well. He is not one to dictate the actions of others and he is not one to judge unless it involves his hated foes; demons. When encountering these creatures, he slays them with a bitter disdain and offers neither mercy or compassion. Rellik has been known to break away from the goals when hired as a mercenary, if he receives hint or word that demons may be nearby.

Aetherius, Conqueror of Hell:

The greatsword that Kraig wields with one hand is of an ancient design, long since lost and forgotten. The weapon seems old and fragile, the blade worn and dull but it cuts through flesh easily and cleanly. Only the weapon’s name and title are still able to be read, though what they may have meant and what their purpose was is unknown. The blade reacts in the presence of demons though, gaining a dark, crimson aura that radiates from the blade. Kraig has even mentioned that the blade seems to quiver in excitement, eager to slay its chosen foes.

However, upon taking the cursed sword known as the Fang of Night, Aetherius’s magic and power drained away from it and the ancient sword became brittle and fell apart. What this means and the effect thereof has left him feeling “concerned”

Kraig Rellik

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