People of Mienides


Race of Builders and worshippers. Polytheistic in culture, there’s no “right” God, though many family’s will hold religious prejudices. Many Dwarves still have a prejudice of Elves, and their arcane ways.

  • Speech and Writing is akin to English


Lithe and Agile, with Intellects to rival any other, Elves are not the great population they once were. Now a relative minority in the world, most became reclusive, and introspective, slow to trust people outside their cities.

  • Speech and writing is akin to Irish Gaelic


The 2nd most common race in Mienides, the Humans are a combination of Cultures. Many are religious, while others pursue arcane arts. over time, they have become a major race of their own, and are one of the more adaptable races of Mienides

  • Speech and writing is akin to Russian


Halflings are possessive and protective of their Barrows. Usually enjoying the simple life far from danger, never underestimate a Halfling who’s land, possesions, or kin are put in danger.

  • Speech and writing is akin to Urdu


New to the world of Mienides, at least in regards to the other races, the Salamanders are from a volcanic Island chain, and we’re fabled to have been born of the fires of the land. Seekers of Knowledge, almost every meber of the race is an elementalist, more often than not, of Fire

  • Speech and writing is akin to Arabic


Gnomes are a smaller, genetic cousin to Halflings, and where Halflings lack in humor and daring, the gnome make up for in spades. most love pranks and trouble, almost anything to be excited. very few Gnomes settle down, and prefer to be on ever the adventure.

  • Speech and writing is akin to Urdu


A Broad term for most small magical creatures of the land, most are, in ways, related. Pixies, faerie, brownies, and nymphs, these people are usually disinterested in the lives and affairs of other-kin.

  • Speech and writing is akin to Japanese


A long forgotten and repulsed half race of Elves and dwarves, they have no home on the surface, and instead are tunnel dwellers beneath the surface of the land. While not inherently evil, the revulsion they encounter when meeting surface dwellers keep them a highly isolationist society.

  • Speech and writing is akin to Greek


Dragons are said to have been the most magical, the strongest, and most intellegent species on the earth. Driven to near extinction for game and used by Dragoons, they are just now starting to surface once again. not much is known of them or their ways.
*Speech and writing akin to TIbetan

People of Mienides

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