The First Age of Magic

The Ceannairí Leisciúil was the Elven kingdom that had enslaved the rest of the “non-magical” races through magical means. After an unrecorded period of time, the slave races slowly stole away pieces of magic, handing it down from generation to generation until a coup was organized, and the slaves overthrown. the other sentient races fought for centuries until independence was finally established

Figures of the First Era

The Second Age of Magic

After the War of Abolition and the freedom of the slave races, clans formed, tribe, then nations followed suit. Eventually, grand nation-states popped up, usually aligned to the races. many races felt a long seated hatred for the Elves, but a few were quick to forgive them, as they had mastered Magic, and wished to learn. The greatest Enemies of the Elves were the Dwarves, and their hatred wasn’t unfounded. The dwarves developed their magic in line with heir faith, where the elves developed theirs from the elements or the land. Each thought the others source an abomination of magic. this racial hatred only festered over time, as both side rallied allies. The dwarves allying with Humans, Halflings, Orcs, other less widespread races and most non-magical intelligent creatures, where the Elves Allied with The Fae, Gnomes, other less widespread races, and most of the magical intelligent creatures. Then, Someone was killed. None know if the death was accidental, murder, or suicide, the details matter not. each side blamed the other, allies rallied, and a world war broke out, engulfing the world in flame, both arcane and divine. This war was rooted in racial hatred, but through propaganda, and Rhetoric, it Became first and foremost a Religious war, the True Believers vs. the Benders of the Land.

Figures of the Second Era

The Third Age of Magic

After Generations of war, a tenuous peace was brokered. The deep-seated hatred between Dwarve and Elves still existed, and skirmishes still broke out, but they never escalated to the scale of the previous War of the 2nd Age. Over time, previous alliances became more akin to friendships, and militarization declined among the land. Then, when tensions started to finally calm between all the races, an evil threat emerged that had been long buried and forgotten. Older than even the First Era of Magic. Most nations ignored the threat, assuming it to be someone else’s problem until the threat became too much the ignore. all the races and peoples of the land allied to fight this terrible foe. After months of bloody war, the evil was driven back, but not defeated. petty differences were abandon under an understanding that global evil must be the real target of hatred, and the people of Mienides must forever be allied.

Figures of the Third Era

The Golden Age of Magic

After the War of Someone, Mienides, a grand alliance of all the great races was created. a council formed, with delegates from each nation, task with the safety of the world, though their input is almost never needed. This world has had generations of unprecedented peace, free trade between all races, and community flourished. Most cities have a wide array of races, and most prejudice can be attributed to ignorance, or familiar hatred that is passed down from generation to generation. This is the time of the present, and it is a wonderful time to live in.


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