Fang of Night

A legendary Weapon of Long forgotten Origins, This blade seems to change shape based upon the wielders preferences. The blade looks as if made of a Starry Sky.

  • 1 weight
  • close

When you break the chains binding the cursed sword Fang of Night and draw it in battle, deal an extra + 2d6 whenever you deal damage. When the battle ends, roll + CHA. On a 10 + you can resist the sword’s pull, but not forever: take -1 ongoing to this move (stacks cumulatively). On a 7-9, choose choose one:

  • Your victory is hollow, either putting you in a worse situation than you were in before or somehow harming someone or something important to you.
  • The Fang of Night’s thirst for blood is unsatisfied by your paltry offering; end the life of a surrendered opponent or lose half your hitpoints, rounded up.
  • The Fang of Night draws upon your life force; permanently lose a stat point (GM’s choice) until the next time you draw it.
    On a miss, the GM describes how the cursed sword’s powers run amok.

Fang of Night

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