Compendium Classes

Abysswalker – When you walk the abyss and it affects you permanently.

Arcane Archer – When you take part in the elven lords hunt and bring back a mighty trophy or when you sit down to enchant your ranged weapon according to ancient hunting magics you deciphered in the Someone ruins.

The Assassin – When you accept payment to end the life of another.

The Aware – When you realize that stories have real power in your world.

Beast Hunter – When you a hunt a giant monster and make use of its remains.

The Chief – After you kill the leader of a monstrous community in single combat and swear to replace them

The Cursed Knight – When you become corrupted by the Fang of Night

The Demiurge – When you acquire or unseal forbidden power

Dilettante – When you feel like you’ve seen it all, and disregard your own safety just to experience something new.

Disciple of the Sapphire Tower – When you have been accepted as a disciple of the Sapphire Tower and undergone the Rite of Joining

Dragon Hunter – When you stand in a steading and have sworn an oath against a marauding dragon that has brought loss to you or your kin.

Drunken Master – When you go on a three day drunken bender.

Ever-Shifter – When you come to rely on transformitive magic to solve problems.

Extortionist – After you have successfully blackmailed someone for more than 100 coins.

The Firebrand – When you take a significant personal risk to work against established authorities.

Geomancer – When you devote yourself wholly to an environment and draw your power from it

Godslayer – When you slay a mighty foe by exploiting their weaknesses.

Heart Eater – When you rip the heart (or equivalent) out of the chest of a creature you’ve slain and devour it to gain it’s power.

The Immortal – When you have made the Last Breath move three times and survived each time

The Inked – When you get a tattoo containing magical power inked onto your skin

The Juggernaut – When you push on after taking an impossible amount of pain

Marauder – After you wantonly destroy a beautiful symbol of civilization.

Master Inquisitive – When you successfully solve a difficult mystery.

Monster Tamer – When you capture a strange creature after beating it into submission.

Mystic Theurge – When you are a Wizard or a Cleric, and spend significant time studying the other side of magic

The Oathspeaker – When you have spoken an* oath of vengeance* and murder and then* killed your quarry*

Skinwalker – When you wear the skin of an animal as an intimidation tactic in a fight.

Skirmisher – If your fellow players ask where your character is or complain that you have gone off again three times

The Slayer – If you have won a battle while having only 1-2 HP left over

The Summoner – When you have received the blessing of The Water Wyrm.

The Swashbuckler – When you successfully save the day with style and panache

Compendium Classes

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