From Gold to Dust

The Sinking City
Or how I won a Bar Fight

After Making camp within the throne room where they defeated the Evil Lich, Drazhu, The group had woken with the new purpose of leading the surviving freed slaves to the nearby town of stony chase.

They left, heading through the local forest, and made it to town without much incident.

Upon reaching tow, the slaves parted ways, and took to their own, and the party decided to spend some of their spoils in celebration. the only notable Tavern and Inn in town, Stone Sour, run by a Femal dwarf by the name of Salia. At the time, Kraig Rellik was under temporary employ of the dwarf, when the group arrived. with Kreig in the Tavern was a thief named Malius, a Bard by the name of Artimes, and lastly, a Cleric named Saldon. soon after the Initial group showed, inexplicably, a bar fight broke out.

Both Artimes and Naia took to the above to the Chandeliers, as the rest of present company took part in a raucous fray. with everyone distracted, the Malius sneaked back behind the bar, and nicked a few bottles of top shelf liquor without being seen, located a trap door, and attempted to unlock the lock-box Salia kept under the bar. He accidentally triggered an acid trap, and rather than risk the gold be corroded, cupped the acid in his hands.

The bar fight was interrupted by what felt like another earthquake, and when the group left the Inn to investigate, they saw buildings starting to sink. the group leaped to action, running into building to help those trapped, and direct people to safety, The Druid turned into a gull, and flew above the city to investigate the damage. far above, Naia was able to see clearly, that the damage seemed to follow a slightly curved line, that would intersect with their previous locale of the Slave pits.

After the sinking stopped, and the townspeople were taken care of, the party rested, and decided to go back to the slave pits to confirm nothing was missed. Kraig, Malius and Artemes Decided to join.

after encountering a worn shrine in the forest, and saving a child who fell down a well, the group made if back to the entrance of the lair. there had been large beast tracks leading back into the lair. they went back into the pits, and investigated the place of power Drazhu used to cause the first earthquake, and determined it didn’t have the rage to reach Stony Chase. the decided to rest, and made camp.

In their sleep, Faeries played tricks with their dreams, and while they were distracted by the dreamscape, stole away small trinkets and gold from the group. After breaking the spell, Shonja lashed out and grabbed one, and Hungry spark created a wall of flame, preventing their escape. after a quick parley, the faeries decided to return everything, including Shoja’s medallion, a keepsake from her home.

The Slave-Pits of Drazhu
Or how I won a fight with an Earthquake

In our Campaign today, the party took advantage of a Seemingly Natural occurring Earthquake to take up arms and rebel against the masters.

At first, Hidayra was able to rally the slaves, but at the first sign of danger, they ran away.

Through exploration, Shonja and Valen found the Nest for the taskmaster orcs, but were cut off from the rest of the party due to a cave in caused by aftershocks of the Earthquake they took advantage of. With quick reflexes and daring do, Both Party members Leaped into action, charging the de facto leader of the group, who seemed to be barking orders at the others. All the foes were swiftly dispatched, and the party reunited when they encountered Krandor’s Pet rat, defending his home to the death. he was easily dispatched by a swift boot from Naia.

Salvation seemed near as the party approached the entrance, when the stone bridge was discovered to have collapsed in the earthquake. Upon inspection, Terrifying, carnivorous plant life reach out and grabbed those who came too close to the edge. Quick to act, Shonja and Hungry Spark were able to help free their team mates from the vines, dispatching 2 of the 3 vines that came after them.

Realizing that this route was not a likely exit, the party backtracked in hopes of finding another way out. Opting to chance the direction where Prisoners where “disciplined”, they discovered a large open cavern filled with he hanging corpses of fellow slaves; now hallow husks of their former selves. Naia Noticed one, and then more of the husks open their eyes, now glowing blue, fixated on her. Unbeknownst to her, Drazhu saw throughout those eyes, after the party tripped over an arcane tripwire, notifying him of their progress. to that end, he reached out his will, sending a giant spider from the chasm, after the party.

the spider came in, forced by an outside hand, but upon entering her den, maternal instincts took over as the brood-mother strived to save her kin, growing within the slave-corpses. as she was felled by combined effort of the group, she release a death throe, waking her children, all at once. one corpse fell, which Shonja thought to pre-emptively kill, before it tried to kill them. As she swung her Might Shoring timber, she obliterate the corpse, sending baby spiders through the air, raining down upon the party. Quick to react, Hungry Spark warned everyone to drop, as he made the fires in his bucket dance throughout the room, swirling around and engulfing the whole swarm before they could attack. in the process, his friends damaged their clothing, but everyone came out somewhat unscathed.

Once the party was able to escape the spider den, they discovered a Webbed Archway across the chasm that seemed intact. upon closer inspection, and careful testing, however, the party noticed more Vine creatures above, ready to snatch up anything that would get caught in the web. Upon seeing the vine creature, Shonja the Red dragged the signed corpse of the brood-mother, and threw it into the webbing. the vines raced down to pick up their meal, making part of the vine horde placated. Bits of embers fell from the Spider, setting the web on a slow burning fire.

Upon Introspection, the party concocted a plan to run “rails” of rope for the party to walk across the web without sticking to the web, but were unable to find a delivery method. Quick to come up with a plan, Naia Transformed into a River Crane, clutching the lengths of rope in each claw, and flew across the Chasm with speed the vines could not match. After laying down the path, the party prepared to run across, Valen first. So focused on the vines above, he missed the gear and debris below, tripping on them, and fell face first into the web. unable to break free, he called for help, while having a chance to grab a crown from the webbing. Hungry spark came to Valens aid, cutting him from the web with a dagger he snatched from a goblin taskmaster earlier. Valen freed was able to rush across with Hungry Spark to the other side, as Shonja and Hidayra run across. The smouldering corpse of the spider is dropped after they start running, and Shonja is caught in the web mid-way across, Hidayra closer to the edge. racing against the slow burning web, the party Draged the web and all up to the ledge they were on, saving both their friends, and the trapped loot.

after catching their breath, the party makes their way to the antechamber of Drazhu’s sepulchre. Hidayra discovered an ancient, blacked statue of (that guy) with smoky grey gems for eyes. The party was also able to recover their pre-enslavement processions, and were faced with a choice. Freedom, or Drazhu.

The party unanimously decided to take the fight to Drazhu, and opened the doors to his Sepulchre. unfortunately, they triggered a trap, dropping a large boulder in front of the exit, and raining mindless zombies upon them from a false chamber above! The group fought together with tactics and flair, able to come out of the fight tired, but ready to face Drazhu.

The party pushed forward the double doors where Drazhu, still decomposing as a fresh Lich, sat upon his throne in rotting noble garb. Like a true Villain, he took a moment to curse the heroes for making it this far, and foiling his Ritual. he then took some time to gloat about ‘his’ earthquake, asking how many perished from it. Rather than answering him, the group leaped to action, heading right for the Evil Lich. In response, the Lich directed his ‘Son’, the Orc Krandor that Hungry Spark maimed while under the employ of Drazhu. Shonja threw her might legth of wood at the Evil Lich as he stated working with chalk, stunning him momentarily. stunning him. Naia took the pause to transform into a Bird of Paradise, and darted to the chalk, picking it up and flying out of reach. Valen, Hungry Spark, and Hidayra held off Krandor, and eventually, after felling him, the party converged on the Lich. After defeating him, the party took his possessions for their own, and mutilated the corpse, preparing to burn the remains. Without a cleric though, the party lacked the divine powers to banish the Lich from his home, and he re-appeared moments later to rip at the souls of the party as a whole. Quick to act, Valen Decapitated the Lich, killing it once and for all.

The wizard of the group then used the place of power, attuned to blood magic, to perform a ritual to piece apart the boulder blocking the exit, and re-shape it to repair the broken bridge. they then lead the remaining slaves out of the lair, and camped, ready to head tot he nearby town of Stony Chase in the morning.


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